Geographies of Urban Form, Student Gallery, Ryerson Image Centre (2015) by M. Markieta and W. Davis

Through images composed solely of the major road networks comprising important cities, Geographies of Urban Form illuminates how various metropolises have been settled. Overcoming physical barriers like mountains and rivers, roads and highways dictate how we navigate and perceive cities; their isolation and abstraction in these maps test our knowledge of a city and its urban form. The perfection of New York City’s grid structure, the contours formed around Seoul’s Han River, and the progressive development of London visualize cultural, historical and physical differences in a series of revelatory images.

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The artwork on display are chromogenic prints facemounted to Arcylic with 1/2" gravity bar mount.

Printing and mounting is provided by PITKO - 22 Gristmill Ln, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4