Tallest Skyscrapers in Toronto by Decade

The tallest building in Toronto has for a long time been the CN Tower, but in terms of buildings that actually serve a purpose (commercial, residential, etc.), Toronto has some of the tallest in North America and the second most in the world (Skyscraper Page). Since 1975, the iconic Bank of Montreal's First Canadian Place has been the largest skyscraper in Toronto. This record, however, is soon to be beat. The proposed One Bloor mixed-use building would become the new champion of Toronto's skyscraper skyline standing at 318m (the CN Tower is 553m). Even if that proposal falls through there is still the Mervish+Gehry Toronto - West Tower and the One Yonge Street Tower 1 that will also be taller than First Canadian Place. The graphic above shows what skyscrapers were the tallest in Toronto in their associate decade.